Our Trading Strategy

Warren Buffett once said:

“Rule 1: Never lose money.
Rule 2: Never forget rule one.”

This nugget from Warren has led us to stay focused on the most profitable way of minimizing risk known as Dollar Cost Average.

In addition, by focusing only on 3 currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF), our trading strategy has been offering us consistent profits for over 10 months now. We leveraged a trading system known as Dollar Cost Average, which minimizes risks by ensuring that we do not trade with any single anticipated risks. This trading system has allowed us to leverage on Warren Buffett’s philosophy of protecting principle first before going for profits.

Also, it is important to know that our algorithms are based on technical analysis and not fundamental analysis, this means that news release does not affect our trading. This also points to the fact that market volatility does not affect our trading techniques which can lead to decreased drawdowns. Again, our algorithms do not execute trades when rapid slippage does not create high drawdowns (volatile market shifts).

In principle, we have an expert advisor in place who runs through the market conditions, volatility and slippage; this allows us to make consistent profits for our clients without huge drawdowns. This is possible because most of our trades are closed within 24 hours of execution.

Also, we pause the execution of new trades several hours to the close of markets on Friday afternoon to forestall huge slippage upon market re-opening on Sunday. All this is fully automated thereby eliminating human errors and emotional roller-coasters.

It is important to know that since we went commercial with our services we haven't had a week we are not in profit. Aside from our consistency in profit making, we maximize our clients’ profits as well. We make sure to maximize their account balance, the profits made are automatically adjusted to the appropriate lot size. Also, our client’s funds are liquid at all times and available for immediate withdrawal.

Our trading system is suitable for those clients with good capital who are out looking for a steady Forex trading growth on full autopilot; this offers them the opportunity to view trades in real-time on their MT4 app.

At the moment, we are averaging a 10x-12x in returns on the traditional stock market index. Some of our clients are taking substantial funds out of their stock market portfolio, 401k retirement plans and Merrill Lynch investments to make more profits with us.

Now is a good time to take the step to start growing your AdroFx account on full automation by leveraging our full account management service. You will experience the reason why 100% of our clients sleep peacefully at night while their money works 24/7 for them, always. 

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